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Morning Back Stiffness

Top 3 Reasons You’ve got Morning Back Stiffness

Many things can cause morning back stiffness. Learn about the top three.
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Office worker with back pain

When Your Back Pain Needs to be Checked Out

One thing I’m asked is, “when should I stop waiting to have my back pain checked out?” Read on to learn the answer.
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woman exercising at the beach sunrise

Why I Prescribe Movement as Medicine

Why does movement matter? If muscle pain and injury is the disease, movement is the medicine.
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Portland Chiropractor explains herniated disc

Understanding Herniated Discs

Hey guys, Dr. Lell here explaining another common condition in an easy-to-understand way along with a review of current treatment options – the herniated lumbar disc. Ever hear about someone’s slipped disc? Or about how they threw their back out? Uncle Stan’s bulging disc? Fortu
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