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“…after only one treatment there was definitely a difference.”

My knee pain has been steadily growing over the past few months but having had an interesting experience with a Chiropractor a few decades ago I went into my appointment with Dr. Lell hesitantly and almost thinking maybe I could just live with the pain and the disturbed sleep it was causing.  However  his warm manner and friendliness quickly put me at ease and after only one treatment there was definitely a difference.  While walking my kids to a local park I realized what a tremendous relief it s to be pain free in my knees, not to mention being able to fall asleep without pain!  What a gift!  He also helped my husband with his carpal tunnel pain that was not allowing him to sleep through the night either.  I highly recommend Dr. Lell for all sorts of pain.  He is also helping me with my jaw pain that has plagued me for a decade as well.  I cannot thank him enough for his help and the relief it has brought us.

“He really took the time to listen to me…”

Dr. Lell is fantastic. I’ve been to chiropractors in the past and have sometimes left feeling really rushed and like I wasn’t heard. Dr. Lell was just the opposite. He really took the time to listen to me and to figure out exactly what was going on with my neck. He explained things really clearly so that I never felt nervous or uncomfortable. He’s also hilarious and fun to be around, which really put me at ease. It’s always a pleasure to go see him. Not to mention the fact that my neck felt 10x better after leaving. Next time I won’t wait so long to make an appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Lell as a caring and compassionate, and really talented chiropractor. Check him out.

“Dr. Lell is a MIRACLE worker!….”

Dr. Lell is a MIRACLE worker! I threw out my neck from sleeping wrong (of all things) and it was almost unbearable! Even driving was difficult.. I am a personal trainer so it is very important for my career that my body stay mobile. After 2 days it wasn’t getting better so I contacted Dr. Lell and made an appointment. He got me right in that same day and by the time I left I was already feeling better. By day 2 I felt 100% better! Thank you Dr. Lell! You’re a lifesaver!

“He is unlike any chiropractor I’ve been to before”

Dr. Lell has done so much for me in a short period of time. I came to him with constant migraine problems and in the matter of a month, I am able to walk outside without sunglasses on. He is unlike any chiropractor I’ve been to before. He listens, is attentive, will create a treatment plan that is specific to you and he will try things that no one else has tried before to figure out what works. He puts outside time and effort into his clients and I couldn’t be more grateful. This man has brought the sun back into my life! He has a sense of humor and is so easy to communicate with. I feel great everytime I leave the office as the staff is so nice and accommodating with schedules. I would recommend Dr. Lell to anyone who is seeking chiropractic. What a wonderful experience!

“What an amazing combo of progressive modern medicine and the old-timey doctor style…”

Dr. Lell is an all around pleasure to have as part of my care team. His knowledge in his field is current and thorough and he strives to customize patient treatment. He is extremely dedicated to his work, kind, honest and intelligent. His appreciation that chiropractic care must work in conjunction with other health needs is clear immediately. Not only does he do classic adjustments but he uses many other tools such as physical therapy and ultrasound. Dr. Lell even went out of his way to arrange a surprise visit for me with another type of alternative care licensed professional to try everything possible to assist in my issue. What an amazing combo of progressive modern medicine and the old-timey doctor style care of personalization that I crave in a world where I’m often just a number.

“…an amazing chiropractor.”

Dr.Lell is an amazing chiropractor. He is so knowledgable and caring. Not to mention funny, which is refreshing in someone so talented! I was also impressed in his thirst to learn more and more, he is always telling me about a new class he is taking to further his knowledge.

“…He spent time listening to my concerns.”

My first visit to Dr. Lell was fantastic. The front staff was great and welcoming… and my appointment was very thorough. He spent time listening to my concerns and truly made me feel like he was going to help me on a path to wellness. Very professional, very funny (when necessary) and extremely knowledgeable! I will return and would recommend to my friends and family.

“I have never had a doctor this dedicated.”

Dr. Lell is fantastic. I originally went in to see him for lower back pain (which he fixed quickly); I had no idea that a chiropractor could help my severe tennis elbow. Not only is he completely committed to helping me with my chronic pain, he is the only doctor that has made any noticeable difference—and he has made a significant difference. I’m confident that by the end of my treatment I will be pain-free. He is always very honest, upfront, and clear when discussing treatment. He sends followup emails to check in on my progress. I have never had a doctor this dedicated.

“Would highly recommend Dr. Lell”

I came to Dr. Lell with a sports related shoulder issue. He was patient and sincerely listened to me explain my issue. He clearly explained how he was going to treat the my issue, but what was special was that I received a follow up email with at home stretches. Would highly recommend Dr. Lell.

“Talk about going beyond the call of duty!”

I was in so much pain I couldn’t get into my car. Michael heard about my severe back pain on a local face book page. Even though it was Sunday, he packed up his table and equipment and made a house call! Nobody seems to do that anymore! Talk about going beyond the call of duty! My back feels much better now! I highly recommend Michael to anybody in need of a chiropractor!


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