Common Conditions Explained

That may Not be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Is your wrist and hand pain really caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or one of these top 5 mimicking conditions? Learn what often gets overlooked.

Portland Chiropractor explains common mimickers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Understanding Thoracic Outlet Sydrome

Dr. Lell explains another common condition in an easy to understand way; what it is, what it feels like, who gets it, and how he treats it.

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Why Carpal Tunnel Surgery Fails

Considering carpal tunnel surgery? Thousands are performed a year, many with poor results. Learn why this may not be the best option for a common problem.

carpal tunnel syndrome

Runner’s Knee

As Portland started getting warmer a few weeks ago, I saw the amount of people jogging by the clinic increase dramatically. Now I’m noticing more and more of something else – joggers with knee braces. This trend inspired today’s topic – Runner’s Knee.

Runner's Knee

Shoulder Impingement

Dr. Lell Explains common conditions as he sees them in a way that’s easy to understand

Shoulder Impingement