Portland Chiropractic Services & Procedures

Chiropractic services and procedures

We provide a full range of services to help you meet your goal. Whether it is healing from an injury or improving your overall health and well-being.

[accordion] [acc_item title=”Free Consultations”]

Health care from a chiropractor may be a new idea for you. Maybe you’re wondering if your condition can even be helped with conservative care or maybe you just want to know if our personalities will mesh before starting a trial of care. No matter what the reservation, I’m more than happy to meet with you for a consultation. No charge. If you’d like a consult, let me know.

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[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Chiropractic Adjustments”]

I do different styles of “adjusting” to cater to your preferences. From the old fashioned to pops and cracks to the very soft and gentle. This therapy is great for decreasing pain and inflammation while improving motion and circulation.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Nutritional Therapy”]

How well your body runs depends on what you’re giving it for fuel. Live optimally with better nutrition. Higher doses of quality vitamins and herbs can even address routine medical conditions for such as minor depression and anxiety. Get better without the prescriptions.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Diet and Weight-Loss Counseling”]

The best diet is a lifestyle change. Let’s work together on setting up habits that will benefit you for years to come; not just through bikini season.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Flexion Distraction Therapy”]

This therapy uses a motorized table to gently tug and pull at your nerves and tendons; it’s very useful for conditions such as disc herniations, sciatica, and lateral lumbar stenosis.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Exercise Therapy”]

Putting you back together won’t do you much good if we don’t teach you how to maintain it. Learn the stretches and exercises you need and can do at home to reduce pain, prevent future accidents, and even improve your swing.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Massage Therapy”]

This is great to relax the muscles but also the mind. Emotional stress can turn into tight muscles and pain. Tackle both at the same time.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Therapeutic Tens, Ultrasound, and I.F.C.”]

These therapies use electricity, sound, and heat to reduce inflammation and reduce both acute and chronic pain.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Laser Therapy”]

Supercharge your cells to boost your body’s healing power. This therapy uses photons to excite mitochondrial metabolism giving your cells the energy they need to get the job done.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage”]

An unparalleled therapy for myofascial and scar tissue management especially for chronic movement disorders and athletes.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Sports Massage”]

Repetitive motions tend to stress only select tissues. This aggressive tissue-specific form of massage may not be relaxing, but it gets you back in the game pretty quick.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Lab-work/blood work”]

Routine lab work is essential for monitoring your health. I partner with local labs to offer affordable blood draws, chem-screens, etc.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”X-ray”]

We perform in-house x-rays for patient convenience. All films are read by a board certified radiologist.

[/acc_item] [acc_item title=”Second Opinion Examinations”]

Have you been told you need knee surgery? Back surgery? Have you been examined elsewhere and are looking for a more thorough process? I’m happy to perform a comprehensive exam and offer you a second opinion.

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