Performance Care

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It isn’t sick care.
It isn’t symptom relief.

Performance care is for those who aren’t in pain and want to stay that way. It’s for people who want to improve their swing, their distance, and their lifts. Performance care is for people who want to prevent injury and stay in the game.

Whether you’re an athlete or a busy mom trying to stay on top of things, performance care keeps you running well, keeping up, and performing better. You know that prevention is more valuable than the cure and you are the kind of person that takes charge of their own health.

Who benefits the most from performance care?

  • Runners
  • Golfers
  • Lifters
  • Swimmers
  • People who have to Move a lot at Work
  • People too busy to deal with pain and injury
  • The Weekend Warriors

What does performance care look like?

  • A history of your activities, hobbies, previous injuries, and goals
  • A comprehensive movement assessment with comparisons to sport-specific needs
  • A hybrid at home and in-clinic treatment program that gets your body performing well and exceeding the demands of your lifestyle or sport
  • Nutritional and dietary analysis and support

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