Back Pain and Sciatica

Father and son walking in autumn forest

“Thank you, Dr. Lell. I can take walks with my kid again” -P.F.

Are you suffering from severe, chronic, or recurring back pain? Sciatica? Is the pain worsening or starting to affect your life?

Consider the following facts on back pain and sciatica

  • Back pain is not a condition, it’s a symptom caused by many, many different conditions such as herniated/bulging discs, facet syndrome, sprains and strains.
  • Back pain can be accompanied by pain, numbness, or tingling in the butt, thigh, leg, and foot.
    Even in the most severe cases, most causes of back pain can be completely resolved with Chiropractic care.
  • True sciatica is not very common but several things regularly cause sciatica-like symptoms. These things also can usually be completely resolved with Chiropractic care.

My approach to treating your low back pain goes like this:

  • A full and detailed history and exam to to figure out what’s causing the pain and why.
  • Once we figure out what’s wrong, we go to work fixing the tissues and making you feel better with less pain.
  • When the pain is minimal and the tissues are restored, I’ll show you everything you need to know to help prevent future episodes.

The treatments are tailored to the individual patient’s injury, needs, and goals and are designed to be effective and efficient – because you have a life to get back to.