Getting the Most from Your Chiropractor

getting the most out of your chiropractor

When you think of a chiropractor, you typically think two things: low back pain and adjustments. And although that’s not wrong – it is certainly understated. This all depends on each state where the scope of practice can change, but doctors here in Oregon can practice as primary care physicians and even incorporate proctology, gynecology, obstetrics, and minor surgery into their practice. Many chiropractors regularly order up the same blood-work, lab work, and imaging that you’d go to your MD for.

But regardless of what state you’re in – you should think of Chiropractors not just as the “back doctor” but as the best resource in your community for health and wellness.

How healthy you are depends on three things:

  1. How you move
  2. How you eat
  3. How you think


Chiropractors have two thirds of those covered as we are THE authority figures in healthcare regarding proper movement and nutrition.

How You Move

Yes chiropractors are the best when it comes to low back pain, neck pain, and headaches. But we’re also better than most at hips, shoulders, wrists, elbows, and even jaws. We look at the human body as an entire moving piece and can appreciate how your tight hip muscles can limit motion in your shoulder causing pain in the elbow.

How You Eat

Chiropractors spend the most time out of any other physician type learning about nutrition in school. We’re second only to nutritionists and dieticians. Many common and run-of-the-mill problems you may your medical PCP for can be addressed with neutraceuticals (higher than “normal” doses of quality micronutrients). Today, most of the health problems killing people in this country are lifestyle related and are directly influenced by a person’s diet. The obesity epidemic has become a pandemic and the associated diseases are terrible and hurting people at younger and younger ages. Taking a prescription to “manage” a condition caused by poor diet makes no sense if you aren’t addressing the root cause. In the future, as predicted in the far past, food and diet will be the best medicine.

If you’re going to a chiropractor for typical aches and pains but have other health issues or questions, go ahead and ask what he or she can do for you! Even if your chiropractor doesn’t practice that way – he may be able to point you to someone that can. The best solution to any health problem is prevention – that’s the maintanence of your health and wellness. And no one on the block is better suited to help you do that than your chiropractor.