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Michael Lell, DC
Broth In A Saucepan

Some Truths About Bone Broth

I don’t know about what’s going on in your part of the country, but here from Portland to Oregon City, there is a new health craze catching on. The LuLuLemon clad gods and goddesses of fashionable health trends have spoken! And bone broth shall be the next panacea for conditions rangi
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Portland And Mount Hood

There’s Not Enough D in Portland

Vitamin D does a lot more than you think, but chances are you’re not getting enough.
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Wellness is a Piece of Pizza

Wellness is everywhere but what does it mean? Don’t be fooled by the media - you can eat pizza and still be healthy.
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Vitamins and Supplements

Garbage Supplements Don’t Work

Good quality supplements are clinically effective and useful, especially as a natural alternative to prescription drugs. But just like everything else, there’s quality and there’s crap. Don’t let the poor examples speak for the bunch.
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