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Portland Chiropractor explains common mimickers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

That may Not be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Is your wrist and hand pain really caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or one of these top 5 mimicking conditions? Learn what often gets overlooked.
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Portland Chiropractor Explains the symptoms of TMJ TMD

Are Your Weird Symptoms from TMJ?

Hey gang, Dr. Lell here. Today I want to talk about TMJ or TMD or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. It has many surprising symptoms and is often overlooked. When a chronic neck, face, or headache problem just isn’t getting better regardless of what I do, I usually check out the TMJ. Y
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Why Treating Pain isn’t Solving Your Problem

    Hey guys, it’s your favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Lell here. I want to talk about pain. Pain is a HUGE topic and pain science is the sexy new focus for today’s researchers and clinicians. So to narrow it down, I’m want to talk about YOUR pain as a symptom. Pain is a big dea
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woman in exercise pain

Core Exercises that WON’T Kill Your Lower Back

No one should be doing crunches or sit-ups. Do these instead.
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Thoracic outlet syndrome

Understanding Thoracic Outlet Sydrome

Dr. Lell explains another common condition in an easy to understand way; what it is, what it feels like, who gets it, and how he treats it.
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Top Injuries Facing Violinists

Musicians can suffer the same injuries as athletes. Learn what the most common ones are and how to prevent them.
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Portland Chiropractor explains herniated disc

Understanding Herniated Discs

Hey guys, Dr. Lell here explaining another common condition in an easy-to-understand way along with a review of current treatment options – the herniated lumbar disc. Ever hear about someone’s slipped disc? Or about how they threw their back out? Uncle Stan’s bulging disc? Fortu
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Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Dr. Lell Explains common conditions as he sees them in a way that’s easy to understand
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