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Why Treating Pain isn’t Solving Your Problem

    Hey guys, it’s your favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Lell here. I want to talk about pain. Pain is a HUGE topic and pain science is the sexy new focus for today’s researchers and clinicians. So to narrow it down, I’m want to talk about YOUR pain as a symptom. Pain is a big dea
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Chiropractic can help with period migraines

How Chiropractic can help Your Period Migraine

Hey guys, it’s your favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Lell. Today I want to talk to you about… Your period, Your Period Migraine, and how Chiropractic can Help. The International Headache Society (I bet those guys are fun) defines a migraine as a common disabling primary headache
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Neck Stiffness

Why Stretching Won’t Fix Your Stiff Neck

Learn why stretching and massages aren’t the answer to your chronic neck stiffness.
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Woman Having a Headache

Top 5 Overlooked Causes of Headaches

Many clinicians overlook these regular top causes of their patient’s headaches.
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Neck Cracking

Why You Shouldn’t Crack Your Neck

Learn why popping your own neck isn’t a good idea and why this is different from a specific chiropractic adjustment.
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