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Portland Chiropractor explains common mimickers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

That may Not be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Is your wrist and hand pain really caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or one of these top 5 mimicking conditions? Learn what often gets overlooked.
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Why Treating Pain isn’t Solving Your Problem

    Hey guys, it’s your favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Lell here. I want to talk about pain. Pain is a HUGE topic and pain science is the sexy new focus for today’s researchers and clinicians. So to narrow it down, I’m want to talk about YOUR pain as a symptom. Pain is a big dea
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Chiropractor in Portland Reveals Secret Behind the crack and pop

Is Your Chiropractor Addicting you to Crack?

Hey guys, Dr. Lell here writing you from the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. There are a LOT of Chiropractors here in Portland – probably more than there are Starbucks. That’s a lot of “bone-crunching” going on. They say if you sit quietly enough, you can hear the col
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Chiropractic can help with period migraines

How Chiropractic can help Your Period Migraine

Hey guys, it’s your favorite Chiropractor, Dr. Lell. Today I want to talk to you about… Your period, Your Period Migraine, and how Chiropractic can Help. The International Headache Society (I bet those guys are fun) defines a migraine as a common disabling primary headache
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Office worker with back pain

When Your Back Pain Needs to be Checked Out

One thing I’m asked is, “when should I stop waiting to have my back pain checked out?” Read on to learn the answer.
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Neck Cracking

Why You Shouldn’t Crack Your Neck

Learn why popping your own neck isn’t a good idea and why this is different from a specific chiropractic adjustment.
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Portland And Mount Hood

There’s Not Enough D in Portland

Vitamin D does a lot more than you think, but chances are you’re not getting enough.
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woman exercising at the beach sunrise

Why I Prescribe Movement as Medicine

Why does movement matter? If muscle pain and injury is the disease, movement is the medicine.
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Michael Lell

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello everyone. Dr. Lell here. I enjoy teaching and educating and am really looking forward to blogging as a means of reaching out to anyone with a question or interest.
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